Published: Oct 27, 2022


Indonesia has many cultures, traditions, and customs that are not widely known by the younger generation. Cultures and traditions that are believed to be passed down from generation to generation and are the identity of the nation must be protected and preserved. Lampung is also known as "Sai Bumi Khua Jughai" in language which means one earth, two branches based on the meaning, namely a nation that inhabits an area that comes from the same lineage but has two different types of customs during the pandemic which makes students of traditional leaders and the community limitations in visiting a place to know firsthand the culture of pepadun itself seeing the uniqueness of the culture and local language in Lampung if understood carefully is really very unique. There are many unique ethnic traditions in Lampung that need to be known, such as the culture carried out by marriage, family life, during pregnancy, childbirth, until adulthood, and towards death.

1. Culture
2. Pepadun
3. traditional figures
4. traditions.
5. customs
1 . Angga Dri Hananto
2 . Roni Prayoga
3 . Tri Suranti
4 . Husniyati
5 . Khusnul Khotimah
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