Published: Oct 27, 2022


This research is a qualitative research entitled "Practice Analysis Of Practices In Train Through Multimedia". The management of an institution or organization really needs public relations in its system, therefore the role of public relations and its function is very important. In an agency or organization such as a subsidiary of the Kotabumi Railway Station, a public relations or public relations division is needed to properly inform the public about the policies of the Kotabumi Railway Station. The purpose of this study was to determine the public relations strategy in the media for delivering information through multimedia, in what way the delivery of interesting information media is, and how to design an interesting information media for the public to see. Data collection techniques in this study were by means of in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that public relations strategy is needed in the media for delivering information to the public . Based on the results of the analysis and research, it can be concluded that the public relations strategy that has been implemented has been going well, although there are still shortcomings in the publication process to the people of Kotabumi.

1. The Role of Public Relations
2. Objectives
3. Techniques
4. Results
1 . Angga Dri Hananto
2 . Ari Dwi Septiana
3 . Rido Hidayat
4 . Sigit Gunanto, S.Kom, MTI
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Hananto, A. D., Ari Dwi Septiana, Rido Hidayat, & Sigit Gunanto, S.Kom, MTI. (2022). ANALISIS STRATEGI HUMAS DI STASIUN KERETA API KOTABUMI MELALUI MULTIMEDIA. Abdimas Cendekia, 1(2), 93–100. Retrieved from

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