Published: Feb 2, 2023


Abstract: literature can be defined as ‘imaginative’ writing in the sense of fiction.” It means that literature is an imaginative mindset which came from the sense of someone’s imagination or the real events that may happen in the real life, of course, with its own tricky word. Beside, literature has its own soul and power that makes it different from other writing forms.In this pandemic COVID 19 situation too many people read novel in online website like webtoon and watpad or printed novel like harry potter, assasins creed and ayat-ayat cinta. They read novel just have only purpose to entertain theirself. In every novel there meaning in some chapter to deliver writer to reader. That thing called in linguistic called pragmatics.One of famous literature is novel, in novel there is lingustic called presupposition. Presupposition as one of the properties of language which impinges on reader or listeners’ understanding of facts and even through using subtle linguistic devices and constructions is considered an argumentative and Presupposition are produced by particular words or construction, together sometimes called triggers. Type of presupposition consist is existential presupposition, factive presupposition, lexical presupposition, structural presupposition, non-factive presupposition, counter factual presupposition, relative and adverbial. Example take from 2 novel consisr eight utterance, prepossition produced in novel concist harry potter deathly hallows there existential presupposition and factive presupposition. Then in another novel heath of darkness there some presupposition that was existential presupposition, factive presupposition,lexical presupposition, structural presupposition, counter factual presupposition.

1. Presupposition
2. novel
3. Presupposition produced
Siti Aisyah Agustina
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