The Factors Affecting the Second Semester Students' Reading Interest of English Education of Muhammadiyah Kotabumi University

Published: Feb 2, 2023


Reading is very important in our lives, especially for students. Reading not only provides knowledge, but also makes students think critically. Therefore, reading should be the main activity for students. This study aims to describe the factors that influence reading interest in second semester students of English education. The research design in this study is a qualitative approach method. Researcher used interview and questionnaire data collection techniques in the study. Researcher distributed questionnaires to 37 students of the English Department to determine the level of interest in reading and took 2 students with the highest level and 2 students with the lowest level to be interviewed. To answer the research questions, the researcher used semi-structured interviews to find out the factors that influenced their reading interest. After collecting data, the results of the interviews were analyzed. The results of this study indicate that several factors that influence their reading interest are: 1) intelligence factor, 2) attitude factor, 3) psychological need factor, and 4) lecturer's influence factor. Based on the results of the study, the researchers concluded that the factors that influence the second semester students' reading interest mostly come from within themselves, meaning that they already have an interest in reading, so that students can develop factors that influence their reading interest from the outside very well. such as factors originating from within students having an enthusiastic attitude when meeting reading materials, it would be better to develop factors originating from outside students by having reading materials available at home, or visiting libraries or other bookstores. In addition, factors that come from outside, namely the influence of lecturers can also help them to grow their interest in reading by giving several assignments that require lots of references and lots of reading, asking them to make summaries, and so on.

Key Words: Factors Affecting, Reading, Interest

1. Factors Affecting
2. Reading
3. Interest
yolanda megawati pratiwi
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