Coaching Clinic Pembuatan Media Evaluasi dengan Menggunakan I-Spring bagi Guru Bahasa Indonesia SMA di Kecamatan Abung Semuli dan Abung Selatan Kabupaten Lampung Utara

Community service activities are aimed at Senior High School (SMA) Indonesian Language Teachers in two sub-districts with the highest number of SLTAs in North Lampung Regency, namely Abung Semuli and South Abung Districts. The purpose of this community service is to provide assistance in making learning evaluation media using i-Spring media. The method of implementing activities is in the form of training, followed by discussion and question and answer. The training participants are all high school Indonesian teachers in Abung Semuli and South Abung Districts. Implementation of activities at SMA Negeri 1 Abung Semuli by inviting all members of the Indonesian Language MGMP in the two districts. The results of this activity indicated that the training participants were enthusiastic about participating in each stage of the activity. Based on the evaluation of learning, this coaching clinic can be said to have succeeded in improving the ability of teachers to make learning evaluations using the i-spring media.
Rahmat Prayogi

Pelatihan Pengembangan Materi Kesastraan Bagi Guru Bahasa Lampung Jenjang Sekolah Dasar Sekota Bandarlampung

This community service is a continuation of the service to the community that was carried out last year. The aim of last year's service was to provide an understanding for the teacher to compile language material, while the aim of this community service was to provide an understanding to the teacher in compiling Lampung literature material. Furthermore, this training will implement active training where all training participants can learn through their experiences so that the planned objectives can be obtained optimally. The methods used in this training are lectures, questions and answers, discussions, demonstrations, and assignments. This training venue will be held in Bandarlampung. The number of training participants is targeted to be 40 people consisting of both public and private Lampung language teachers in Bandarlampung. The success of this activity is measured by the process and the results of the training. The success of the process is measured by observing several aspects of attitude, such as activeness, cooperation, and responsibility. Performance assessment is carried out when participants present the results of their literary material development in groups. Evaluation of the results of activities is measured based on mastery of training material which includes the results of independent training, namely compiling Lampung language literature material.
Farida Ariyani, sarjinah zamjanah, Rian Andri Prasetya, Khoerotun Nisa Liswati